Xqisit Foldable stereo headset


Foldable headset collapses for easier storage and transport

Push-to-talk button with integrated microphone ideal for calls on-the-go

1.2 m cable length with a 3.5 mm jack

32 ohm impedance and a broad 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency range.

A true lightweight at 150 g

Features faux leather ear cups for additional comfort

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Headphones – if you’re a music junkie you can´t live without them. But sometimes, it can be quite the hassle to get from A to B. What if you could have all the richness sound has to offer without the bulk & clunk? You sure can. XQISIT’s Headset does just that. Designed with functionality in mind, the collapsible headset conveniently folds the earpieces within the headband arc, considerably reducing the headset’s size. If that wasn’t enough, a soft rubberised exterior and faux leather cups add just the right touch of comfort to the equation. And then there’s the push-to-talk button. One-click and you can effortlessly answer calls wherever you are. Finally, a mobile audio experience made easy.

Available in blue and pink

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Weight 400 g